The Advantages of Implementing a Ladybird Deed in Your Estate Plan

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of financial management, ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes upon your passing. While traditional estate planning methods like wills and trusts are well-known, a Ladybird Deed for real estate is an increasingly popular and effective option. Also known as an Enhanced Life Estate Deed, this […]

Preparing for Your Loved One’s Future: What you Need to Know to Help You Get Started


Finley Law LLC focuses primarily on the issues involved in estate and benefits planning for older individuals. Most of our clients are retired (or planning for retirement) and face life with fixed incomes and assets. While general estate planning attorneys work with those growing their wealth, Elder Law Attorneys most often work with individuals who […]

When Should You Update Your Estate Plan?


Your estate planning needs may change over time for many reasons.  Most often you will need to update your estate planning documents after experiencing a major life event such as the death of a loved one, the birth or adoption of a child, a divorce, a new marriage, or a move to a new state.  […]