Florida Medicaid, a state and federal program, offers health care coverage for certain categories of individuals and families with low income and assets. While having legal representation to assist with Medicaid planning or the application process is not compulsory, there are multiple benefits to seeking legal assistance.  A Medicaid Planning Attorney can assist you to qualify for Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Medicaid even if you are over the income or asset caps for these programs. 

Medicaid Pre-Planning Versus Crisis Planning

Medicaid pre-planning and crisis planning represent two distinctive approaches for managing your financial situation to secure Medicaid benefits for a nursing home or assisted living facility. Medicaid pre-planning is ideal for those wanting to protect their assets while ensuring Medicaid eligibility in the future. Typically, it is a component of an estate plan strategy.

Crisis planning, in contrast, is implemented when a person faces a looming healthcare crisis requiring immediate Medicaid eligibility, with no time to plan due to a pressing need. A crisis typically occurs when a hospital or rehabilitation facility determines a patient needs to be transitioned to a nursing home.  

In both scenarios, the assistance of a seasoned and knowledgeable Medicaid Planning Attorney is invaluable for structuring your finances to enhance eligibility while safeguarding your assets.

It Is Never Too Early to Begin Medicaid Planning

At Finley Law LLC, we have assisted countless individuals and families in pre-planning and crisis planning. We strongly recommend initiating pre-planning, as it significantly reduces stress during a health crisis. By integrating Medicaid strategies into your estate plan, we can protect your assets while meeting your goals. In cases where you or a loved one faces an immediate need for long-term care, necessitating Medicaid eligibility quickly, we are well-equipped to assist with the application process. We will also develop the best plan possible to protect your assets within the bounds of the law. 

The five-year look-back rule of Medicaid is daunting, but we are here to alleviate your concerns. Long-term health care comes with substantial costs, and without the guidance of a knowledgeable Medicaid Planning Attorney, these expenses can quickly deplete your assets. 

What Will My Medicaid-Planning Journey Be Like with Finley Law, LLC?

Whether pre-planning or crisis planning, Medicaid planning can be an overwhelming experience, with thoughts of endless paperwork and your family legacy hanging in the balance. Finley Law LLC fully comprehends these obstacles and is here to give you peace of mind.

 At Finley Law LLC, your Medicaid planning experience includes:

Finley Law LLC:  For All Your Elder Care Needs

Before establishing a private practice focused on Elder Law, Attorney Kobi Finley built a successful career as a trial attorney and a supervising attorney at the Florida Department of Children and Families. Her extensive experience equips her to address any challenges that may arise in the scope of Medicaid pre-planning or crisis planning.

 In addition to Medicaid planning, Finley Law LLC provides comprehensive services in estate planning, guardianships, and probate and trust administration. For more information about our Elder Law services, or to arrange a confidential appointment at our Deland, Florida office, please reach out to Finley Law LLC at (386) 734-5959. We proudly serve clients across Volusia and Flagler Counties in Florida. 

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