Finley Law LLC focuses primarily on the issues involved in estate and benefits planning for older individuals. Most of our clients are retired (or planning for retirement) and face life with fixed incomes and assets. While general estate planning attorneys work with those growing their wealth, Elder Law Attorneys most often work with individuals who have reached their financial goals and are now living their lives based on their planned financial means. These older individuals no longer raise children, do not pay down a mortgage, or carry significant debt. Some are widowed and have remarried, some have prenuptial agreements, and others may not.

Planning for the Future

Some individuals have adult children caring for them in their homes and need in-home assistance but don’t have immediate family living in the area. Others plan to move to an assisted living facility or skilled nursing home. An Elder Law Attorney best meets the complexity involved in these varied situations. These attorneys can help address the two most common planning concerns for seniors: 1) How do I protect my assets while I’m living, and 2) lessen the financial burden for my loved ones when I die? At Finley Law LLC, we take a comprehensive approach to planning with our clients. We review assets, income, and prior estate planning documents. We gather information about their families.

Finding Solutions

Elder Care Attorneys discuss individuals’ wishes for themselves and their loved ones. The information gathered creates a big picture and helps us narrow our advice to meet our clients’ specific needs and concerns. Elder Law Attorneys should be well-versed in Probate and Guardianship Law to provide advice in navigating such legal issues and, most importantly, provide sound advice on avoiding such legal issues for their clients.

Getting the Right Care and Services for Your Loved One

Elder Law Attorneys are also often actively involved in their local community. They can provide contact information for service providers in the areas that can assist seniors with various services. At Finley Law LLC, we can refer our clients to providers such as professional fiduciaries, in-home care providers, Veterans Services, and senior living communities. Elder Law Attorneys will typically also have a broad knowledge of how to apply for government benefits, like Medicaid. At Finley Law LLC, we help our seniors navigate the often confusing and overly complicated process of applying for Medicaid benefits to help pay for assisted living and skilled nursing costs.

Contact an Accomplished Elder Care Attorney to Assist with Your Estate Planning

At Finley Law LLC, we help our clients by helping their loved ones avoid the costs and stress of a probate administration. We further help our clients and their loved ones by creating a solid and thorough plan for incapacity. We help navigate the sometimes daunting task of applying for benefits to cover the rising care costs in assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities. At Finley Law LLC, we appreciate the uncertainty of life, and as such, we respectfully work to create a plan to address this uncertainty in a way that provides comfort and relief for both our clients and their loved ones.

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